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Custom Kangaroo Beaded Leather Leads

Starting at $45

Double Fleece Blankets - $45


Braided Paracord Leashes - $15



Ringside Bags


Hand Braided Tug Toys

Small - $5      Large - $10


Ex-Pen Wraps


Grooming Table Covers

Pot Holders  


Spring and fall are heavy shedding times but proper and regular grooming can help alleviate the large amounts of hair left in your home, car and on your clothes.  A thorough brush out and bath, followed by drying with a high velocity dryer helps remove dead and shedding undercoat and promote healthy skin.  I can also thin and strip feathering in those summer months for the lake lovers. 

Using clippers on a golden in effect “breaks” the guard hairs and insulating undercoat.  Such trimming allows water, heat and cold to penetrate the coat and will often grow back in thicker and intensify the problem.  Summer shaves can also leave your golden vulnerable to sunburns and insect bites.  The true golden coat is designed to retain warmth in the winter and insulate them against the heat in the summer so it is best to leave Mother Nature alone.


$50 Full Groom (Brush-out, bath, blow-dry, neatening trim of feet, ears and tail, nail trim and ear cleaning)

$30 Bath and Blow Dry only – no trimming

$25 Maintenance trimming of feet, ears and tail

$15 Foot Maintenance        

$10 Ear Maintenance

** Extra charges may apply for matted/burred coats or uncooperative behaviour

Coming Soon!

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