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Checklist for before puppy comes home

  • Crate/Kennel – wire crates are great for portability but fiberglass crates are much safer in many ways (36in to 42in long are the best sizes for adults)


  • Stainless steel bowls for both water and food– these are much more sanitary as plastic acquires microscopic scratches where bacteria will flourish.
  • Toys
    • Kong toys – they are highly durable and will give you some sanity when filled with peanut butter or cheese wiz
    • Nylabones – avoid the gummabones and the edible type
    • Woobies – soft stuffed toys loved by most goldens
    • Cuz Toys – come in both “good” and “bad” types
    • Buster Cube or Treat Ball – very mind stimulating
    • Huck/Hurley toys and Orbees are great for real aggressive chewers


  • Nylabone – these are best for keeping teeth clean and are safer by far than rawhides or real bones (which can cause obstructions and broken teeth)
  • Grooming Supplies - Pin brush, wire comb (greyhound type) and nail clippers – I like the red handled Resco type (cat type) and the Miller’s Forge scissor type with red handles as they seem to be the sharpest and feel good in my hand.  Dremel tools are another option and none of my dogs have an issue with it.


  • Breakaway/Quick release nylon collar and a 4-6 foot leash
  • Flexi-lead (retractable leash) 
  • Restraint for a vehicle either a well fitting harness or a crate
  • Baby gate or ex-pen to contain your pup to certain areas (garage sale time!)
  • “Golden Retrievers for Dummies”  - best book for both new and old Golden owners with tons of tips that will make everyone’s life easier

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• About Us • Our Dogs • News & Brags • Puppies • Contact Us • Sidelines •

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