Damita Golden Retrievers ~ Puppy Application

Your assistance in completing this application will help us to place the right puppy in your home. 
 All information will be kept confidential and used only by us.  Thank you for your cooperation and interest in our dogs.

Please copy and paste into an email and send to damita@drytel.net

How did you hear about our dogs? _______________________________________________

Your name: _______________________________________________________________

Home phone# __________________ email address: __________________________

Home address: (if you use a PO Box for mailing can you please also include your actual street address) _________________________________________________________________

Occupation's (this is important as it will indicate to us how much time the puppy will be spending at home by it's self): ___________________________________________________

1)  Why have you decided that the Golden Retriever is the breed you wish to own? ___________________________________________________________________

2)  Have you ever owned a Golden Retriever before or any other breed of dog? __________________________________________________________________

3)  Are you looking for a young puppy ______ or an older dog ________

4)  Is your preference a male ____ or female ____, light, medium or dark in coat color _______

If your first choice is not available would you be willing to take a puppy of the opposite sex or different color, or would you wait for another litter? __________________________________

5)  What is the most important thing you are looking for in a new puppy/dog? _________________________________________________________________________

6)  What is/are the main reasons for purchasing a Golden Retriever†† (please check all that apply):  family companion ______  Show prospect ______ Breeding ______ Obedience competition ____ Hunting/Field work ____ Agility _____ Pet therapy _____ Tracking _______

7)  Are all members of the family ready for a new dog? __________ Will there by any major changes in your life style in the next year?  (example moving, marriage or a new baby?) ______________________________________________________________

8)  Do any members of your family have any type of allergies to dogs? ___________________

9)  Do you live in a house, townhouse, condominium etc. ______________________________

10)  Do you own or rent where you presently reside? ______________  If you rent have you discussed having a dog with your current landlord?__________________________

11)  Is your yard completely fenced with a secure fencing?_________________________ If not, how will you provide security for your puppy when its outside or youíre away? __________________________________________________________________

12)  Do you currently own any other pets? ____________________________________

13)  Age of children in the home?__________________________________________

14)  Would someone be home with the dog during the day? _______________________ Are you willing to crate train your new puppy? ________________________________

15)  Where would the puppy or dog be housed during the day if no one is home? ____________ Where will this puppy spend the evenings? __________________________ Where will the puppy sleep? ________________________________________

16)  Are you willing to take this puppy to puppy socialization classes and then on to obedience classes so that it will become an enjoyable companion and good canine citizen? ____________ Who in your home would be doing the training? ___________________

17)  Have you ever completed a CKC or AKC title in conformation, obedience, field, tracking or agility? _____ If yes please list ___________________________________________________

18)Who will have primary responsibility for the care of this puppy? ________________

19)  Have you ever had to euthanize a puppy or dog other than for old age? ____________________________________________________________

20)  Who will groom your golden? _________________________††† Are you prepared for the constant shedding?_______________Tracking in mud?______________________

21)  When this puppy is purchased as a family companion and is not going to be bred, do you agree to have it spayed by 9 months if it is a female or neutered no later than 1 8 months if it is a male and submit a veterinarian certificate to the breeder as proof of surgery for her records? _________________

22)  Are you willing to contact us and keep us informed of any problems that may develop with the pup throughout itís entire lifetime? _____________ 

Send us updates/photos periodically? ____________

23)What type of Personality are you looking for in your dog? _______________________________________________________________________________________

24) Do you know the Golden Retriever breed standard?________________________

If you have anymore additional information that would be helpful; to us, in placing the right puppy or dog with you, please feel free to add it below __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application to assist us in finding the right puppy for you.  Please feel free to call us  if you need more information or  questions answered.

Date: _____________________ 

Signature: _________________________________________